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darkrooms are dead – photography evolved

darkrooms are dead is about exploring how digital tools changed the face of photography and art. while the days of dropping off a film canister at the local pharmacy for one hour photo are a distant memory for most of us photography has changed for the better. as a result, instant gratification is the norm today. no more waiting for your unexposed negatives to find out that grandpa photobombed the family vacation photos with his thumb. so photography evolved into something quite different when digital became the norm. majority of the images found on darkrooms are dead started as a photograph and evolved into the final product. regardless of what you see you won’t find many images that resemble a raw photograph.

opening new doors

the tools provided by the digital age have opened up new realms of what can be created. today the ability to express our imagination is growing faster than ever and the cost has dropped significantly. this opens up doors for many who in the past would have not been able to create due to constrictions on their budget and the lack tools.

photography as a foundation

i started in a traditional darkroom and in the orange glow of an enlarger i established the basis i use to create my work. the fundamentals and the structure everything sits upon is essential to what i do. however, i am not a purist and never was at heart. i am not even sure what a purist is. i create to express myself and do not see a reason to corner myself into a medium if it limits my ability. painting, drawing, photography, sculpting, any form of art has been touched and changed by 0 and 1’s i embrace what i do and i embrace the new ways of creating. i know that just around the corner something new will be available to give a fresh perspective to what i do.. please visit my different galleries to see the original work i created for darkrooms are dead. i hope you find some pleasure while visiting. check out our store with clothing and household goods made from original darkrooms are dead designs.

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